Where the fundraising money goes


Ashlyn Bunch.

Junior Dara Fitzmaurice before a race during the Holiday Invite swim meet, a swim team fundraiser on Dec. 10.

Hayden Weatherman, Writer

Each winter sport team has come up with different methods to fundraise in order to provide money for improvements.

The girls swim team raises the majority of its money by hosting an invitational swim meet. This year, the swim meet was held on Dec. 10 at the Gladstone Community Center.

“We host the Winnetonka Holiday Invite, which 28 schools come to, and that is how the team makes money,”  head swim coach Luke Young said.

The swim team uses the money for numerous team-bonding activities outside of the pool.

“In January we take the girls out to a hockey game, the Missouri Mavericks,” Young said. “I have to rent a school bus and all their tickets, so I kind of spend all that money on the girls.”

Young believes that the money should go back to the girls for team bonding field trips.

“A big portion of our swim team is the comradery, the sorority of being on the team,” Young said. “So those extra things that we do I’m able to pay for so they can do them and bond.”

The girls basketball team raises money by hosting the annual craft fair. This year, the craft fair was on Dec. 3.

“It’s [the fundraising money] from our concession sales and our vendors that we bring in because they pay for their booth rental,” senior Alyshia Davis said.

With the money that the team receives from the craft fair, they are able to get new gear for the season.

“That fee helps contribute to the girls basketball program to cover expenses such as travel, team gear, etc,” head basketball coach Brock Tiefenbrunn said.

According to Tiefenbrunn, the girls gained more than just money from participating in the fundraiser.

“The girls enjoy working the event because they enjoy seeing people in the community and they learn the importance of hard work,” Tiefenbrunn said.

The wrestling team raises money by selling entertainment books in November.

“It was a fundraiser for team gear and every time we sold a book it would be for $25 and that would go towards our own personal team gear,” senior Gordon Hicks said.

The money that the players do not use for gear goes to the senior’s moms who save the money for other activities.

“It goes to our Takedown club, which is the moms of the seniors, and they take care of the money for tournaments and everything else,” Hicks said.

In late January the boys basketball team will host a free throw a-thon to raise money.

So each player sends out 10+ envelopes asking people to donate money to the basketball team. They can either donate by the free throw or they can just donate a flat number,” senior Daulton Freeman said. “Then at the end of the year we shoot free throws to see how much money the people who donated per free throw owe us.”

The money that the team earns will  provided necessities for the team.

“It goes directly to us for things like uniforms and traveling gear and basketballs,” Freeman said.

The winter sports teams use the fundraisers in order   to keep programs alive and able to compete week in and out.