Finding home

Caroline Foster, Writer

Winnetonka’s theatre department explored the bond of family and home in its fall musical, “In the Heights” performed Nov. 17-19.

The entire show was filled to the brim with fast-paced rap, music, hip hop dance, and real scenarios that happen every day.

Main character Usnavi, played by Eldridge Villegas, is a young man who was given his parents store and is now trying to survive in Washington Heights, New York.

Then there is Nina Rosario, the smartest girl in Washington Heights. After her freshman year at Stanford, she comes home with a secret she hides for the fear of failing her parents. With her childhood friend, and now employee of her father, Benny, she has to face the truth.

Together, the small little neighborhood fights to see the next sunrise with the power of community.

Also starring Maddie Fields as Vanessa, Francesca Valente as Abuela Claudia, Derrick Lewis as  Benny, and Warren Lemuel as Sonny, “In the Heights” is a story about perseverance and living life to the fullest.