We Become What We Behold


Caroline Foster, Writer

After the success of “The Game” series, Nicky Case developed a new free point and click game on Oct. 23 based off the powerful quote by Marshall McLuhan. “We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us.”

This game was a seemingly cute adventure that in the end left many speechless.

While it still had the very similar humor from “The Game” series, it had a message that was much darker and more painful.

The story begins with the player as what is presumed to be a photographer. The environment is a simple plane full of people with square and circle heads.

The mechanics are also simple; point and click. Take pictures to keep the story moving. Once a picture is taken, it appears on a TV screen in the middle of the field. Underneath, is a headline with a hashtag. For example, when you first take a picture of a man dressed up with a hat and monocle the headline will be #OOH NICE HAT.

With each picture, the people around the screen at the time will be affected. Pertaining to the hat example, everyone in that area will suddenly get a hat. It’s at first a cheerful and cute game.

But as you progress, the situation has a horrible turn.

When you take a picture of something that the game deems “not interesting” a broken hashtag with lowercase letters will appear as the headline as the sound of crickets play in the background and no one will pay attention. As another example, when capturing a photo of a normal person the headline will be #just a normal peep.

The game addresses the vicious cycle of media affecting how people live and how people affect what the media presents. A paradox that cannot be solved until one side changes their behavior. It is a powerful and clear message as things start to become violent with each picture you take.

While the overall idea is well done, the game could have been more interactive for the player. The entire thing could have been completed in five minutes. If he would have branched out even farther then it would’ve received more attention in the end.

Other than that, the game was executed in a cute manner that could somewhat distract from the massacre on the screen. Nicky Case has lived up to his developer title and has once again given the gaming community a piece of art.