Lights Out Day

Kaitlyn Minet, News Editor

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Environmental Club issued a “Lights Out Day” on Oct. 31 to bring attention to saving energy.

The rules of the day were to wear black and turn off as many unnecessary lights as possible to bring awareness to energy consumption and energy conservation, according to Environmental Club sponsor Brice Jensen.  Lowering the use of electricity, lowers the amount of gases that add to global warming.

“Most of our electricity is generated from coal power plants,” Jensen said. “These power plants emit carbon dioxide and other gases into earth’s atmosphere. These gases contribute to global warming.”

Environmental Club member Eva Yang feels the day taught a lesson that we use more energy than we need to.

“It showed us we can still go on with school and

the rest of the day without using so much electricity and still get normal things done,” Yang said.

Teachers were asked to answer a survey at the end of the day about whether or not they turned off their lights and if so, for how long and how many.

According to the surveys returned, 491 lights bulbs were turned off for the duration of the school day. Jensen calculated that the light bulbs reported turned off saved $5.50.

Jensen hopes to see change in the use of electricity as a population.  

“The less electricity we use, the less electricity we need and a smaller carbon footprint we leave behind as humans,” Jensen said.