Electoral College corrupts democracy

The Electoral College is outdated and creates confusion for many Americans

Alyssa Magrone, Copy Editor/A&E Editor

Political cartoon by Alyssa Magrone
Political cartoon by Alyssa Magrone

Using the Electoral College process to elect the leader of the United States is a corrupt and unfair system that confuses, misrepresents and disenfranchises American voters.

In theory, the Electoral College should be an effective way of electing a candidate but due to its complexity, it creates confused Americans. Essentially, the states choose electors to vote for the president so the citizens are not actually voting for president like they believe they are.

The voting ballots enable this confusion because in most states, the ballot lists only the nominees and not the electors. And while the U.S. presidential election is in November, the electors do not meet to cast their vote until December.

This decision to have electors cast their vote was created by the founders of the Constitution because they did not trust the average citizen to make an educated vote. However, times have changed.

Back in the time of the Founding Fathers, the average citizen would not be able to make an educated vote because not everyone had accessibility to education and the spread of the news was not as profound as it is today.

While the reliability of the news today is still up to question, there is still more coverage of the presidential election than ever before. Now people are able to educate themselves through a variety of news sources such as online, print, social media and televised news. With all the resources available, citizens have an equal opportunity to be informed.

While it is controversial as to whether or not everyone’s opinion or vote is validated, there are still ways to ensure citizens are at least accurately knowledgeable before casting their vote.

One way the U.S. government can ensure voters are educated before casting their vote is to place a sign or infographic of each candidate’s views and policies. By doing so, there would be no reason to degrade citizens as stupid or unworthy of having a vote that counts and truly represents the country.

If the citizens of the United States are as ignorant as people of authority claim, then it is the leaders of the country’s fault for the creation of an oblivious population. If this is true, then the country deserves nothing less than the president they choose.

While some argue that the Electoral College is fair due to the strides in voting equality by the 19th Amendment and the elimination of literacy tests, it is ignorant to believe there is no room for improvement.