The Crowning Moment

Homecoming Royalty discuss their thoughts on being crowned

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

It starts with 300. Then it becomes 12.

Every year 12 seniors are elected to represent the best of their class.

Senior Jessi Mizner, Homecoming Prince, said that he was proud to be a part of the court.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” Mizner said. “I just felt honored to be up there.”

Mizner was one of a slew of candidates, including: Darius Campbell, Daulton Freeman, Jessi Mizner, Dakota Taylor, Eldridge Villegas, Bradley Willis, Kamryn Cain, Sally Dishman, Emmanuella (Emma) Evans, Zoe Goss, Grace Taylor, and Francesca Valente.

Senior Francesca Valente said that the experience of being crowned Homecoming Queen was an emotional one.

“[It was] very overwhelming,” Valente said. “Just this wall of sound enfolding me, and love and support. It’s crazy because there’s so many wonderful people in our school. I don’t think anyone can represent our diversity as a whole.”

The student body decides not only who the candidates are, but also who gets crowned. For Homecoming King, senior Eldridge Villegas, the win mattered most because of the support of his peers.

“I want to thank [the student body] so much,” Villegas said. “They’re the ones that chose me to represent the school.”

Valente said that the experience was stressful, but that the outpouring of support was comforting.

“I was worried about being put under a microscope,” Valente said. “I feel very grateful that people would even consider believing in me as a candidate. [There were] people coming up to me that I didn’t even know, being supportive and encouraging. That connection with other people at school was incredible.”

Senior Emma Evans never thought she would be crowned Homecoming Princess.

“It’s surreal that I would be chosen as a representation of Tonka,” Evans said. “I just feel really proud and blessed,”

Although only a handful of the senior class were nominated to be members of the homecoming court, Evans believes that all students were deserving of the title.

“Everyone is queens and kings to me,” Evans said.