Senior Night Football


Kaitlyn Minet

Senior Frankie Riden being escorted as he is recognized for the football senior night.

Kaitlyn Minet, News Editor

The senior night and breast cancer awareness football game on Oct. 14 may have ended with a loss, but it was a win to the team and their fans.

The football player seniors were recognized as they walked across the field with their families and all players wore helmets.

Breast cancer awareness was also shown since the players wore breast cancer emblems on the side of their helmets and some wore pink socks.

While the team walked away with a loss of 0-34 against William Chrisman and one injury to Dantee Fearon, football manager Allison Scales hoped the team would have won just as bad as the players and shares their disappointment.

“I can definitely see the frustration with them not getting as far they wanted to,” Scales said. “I wish they would’ve won because I know how much they wanted it but I definitely think they’ve given it their all, especially the seniors since it’s their last game of the season.”

According to Scales, the biggest obstacle was the players and their own mindsets.

“I think their biggest weakness was themselves- just getting in their own heads and not seeing the score they wanted,” Scales said. “They didn’t give up, but they didn’t do their best because they thought it wouldn’t make for an outcome they desired.”

Scales thinks next year’s team needs to remember to work together.

“Next year, I think if they work as hard as they need to be to get the place they want to be. They’re a team and they need to remember that,” Scales said.