Clayre’s Kansas City adventures: Haunt


Since 2004, Worlds of Fun has opened it’s doors on the weekends during the fall for a frightful experience for all to enjoy.

With 13 haunted attractions, the scares are endless after 7 p.m. at Halloween Haunt. The “scarers” take pride in their ability to make you jump in fear. However, they are not allowed to touch you.

Maybe not as good as The Beast in the West Bottoms, Worlds of Fun haunted houses still offer a lot in the way of scare factor as well as a price that is well worth it. From clowns to vampires, to scarecrows, to Jack the Ripper, the park staff members have taken their time in making sure each haunted house is as good as the last.

The atmosphere in the park after dark is the perfect atmosphere for scares. Tons of smoke machines are scattered throughout the park and there are areas that are full of “scarers” and you are forced to walk through them if you want to get to other areas of the park.

Before Haunt starts, if you have a child who may not be able to deal with Haunt, take them to Snoopy Land to meet their favorite Peanuts character and have some fall-themed fun.

If haunted houses aren’t your thing, then you can get your thrills another way. The rides stay open as long as the park does and the view from the top of the Mamba at night is gorgeous.

There is something for everyone at Worlds of Fun and if you’re looking to have some fun with friends or family, Haunt is a great way to spend your time.