JV Opening the Season

Asmaret Fissehaye , Writer

JV Volleyball Team takes another win, with the first set being 25-13 then the last set ending 25-3 against the Raytown South Cardinals on Sept 8. Although the Cardinals put up a good fight, Griffins came back and fought harder.

Sophomore JV player Sarah Hughes is confident with the way they played.

“Well, I feel very good about our game because we achieved another win,” Hughes said.

She expressed her excitement about the new coaches and the benefits they will have on the volleyball team.

“I really like coach Espinosa and having both K. Majors and Miss Majors. They have really changed things around for the volleyball department,” Hughes said. I feel very confident with what they’re teaching us and I think we can have a lot more wins in the future.”

With the new season starting up, Hughes has some goals she she wants to meet for herself.

“My timing, because a big part of volleyball is knowing when to go and where to send the ball, I think that’s something I can improve on,” Hughes said.