Smoothie King Drink Review

Asmaret Fissehaye , Writer


Smoothie King is a business establishment that started in 1973 and is located in numerous locations across Kansas City, offering over hundreds of smoothie combinations.

When thinking of a Slim Blend, people’s first thought is not a chocolate shake.

People desiring to lose weight, might want to try the Shredder chocolate shake. The ingredients include cocoa, gladiator protein, protein blend, and diet down enhancer.

The shake felt like drinking a normal chocolate shake but it has a nutritional advantage it. The smoothie is rich in flavor and the taste lingers on your mouth even when finished.

The chocolate shake is served ice cold. When taking the first sip, expect to be hit with a splash of refreshing flavor. This drink makes a person want to come back for more.

This drink comes in a small, medium, or large. The drink is customizable, giving the option to add fruits, take away ingredients or add vanilla flavoring.

Overall, this drink deserves an A. The Shredder chocolate shake drink is perfect for after a workout, or game, and even just for enjoyment.

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