International Day of Peace


Photo Courtesy UN

UNIFIL Commemorates International Day of Peace

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

Sept. 21 is the International Day of Peace. Sponsored by the UN, this year’s theme is, “Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.” The day is meant to raise awareness for peace and what it means.

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, said in a general message statement about the International Day of Peace, “Let us all work together to help all human beings achieve dignity and equality; to build a greener planet; and to make sure no one is left behind.”

The UN has written 17 goals for sustainable development, which are, “ a to-do list for people and planet,” according to Ki-moon. The goals address a variety of problems such as conservation, inequality, poverty, and conflict.

“It’s not about religion or what race you are. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as countries, but rather as a whole family,” sophomore Savannah Brown said. “When I think of peace, I think of light. But with everything that’s happening in the world right now, it doesn’t feel like there’s peace. Knowing that it’s Peace Day, I’m going to try to be more optimistic: try to see everything I can in a better way, because I think the best way to bring peace is to stop negativity.”

The day also calls for a 24 hour international cease-fire which is meant to symbolize an end to conflict.

“Peace is about much more than putting weapons aside,” Ki-moon said. “It is about building a global society in which people live free from poverty and share the benefits of prosperity. It is about growing together and supporting each other as a universal family.”