College Info Night

Asmaret Fissehaye , Writer

College applications are available, scholarships are due, financial aid is opening up October 1, it is that time of year again.

Senior LanNhi Tran was lost on where to begin with college until she and her family attended College Info Night on September 13.

“College Info Night benefited because we didn’t know where to even begin and progress towards my plans after high school,” Tran said.

After attending College Info Night, Tran feels more assured about starting the process for applying for colleges and scholarships.

“I feel 100% more confident going into applying for colleges and scholarships now since I know the process and due dates for certain applications,” Tran said. “And scholarships that will grant me more money to my benefit.”

Tran has some advice for the class 0f 2017.

“The first thing I recommend seniors do now is to look at their ACT and the requirements for the college they want to attend,” Tran said. “If they need to improve their score, then apply to that college and make sure to have their ACT score sent directly from the ACT test.”