New Tradition

Marley Kennaley, Comic strip and writer


Majority of people in high school want to be remembered for something either it being winning a football game or creating an art project.

The class of 2016 decided to do a  group dance as a way to say goodbye and be remembered.

“We just wanted to go out with a bang, do something that no one else has done before,” Senior Sophia Timmermeyer said.

The seniors worked very hard on the dance together and they hope it is a great send off for the class of 2016.

“I just want everyone to remember our class and that we were able to come together and just be friends working on something,” Timmermeyer said.

Timmermeyer wants the incoming seniors to continue the dance tradition.

“We did this dance to be a start of a tradition so the next years’ seniors need to get together and make sure that this dance happens again,” Timmermeyer said.