Mother’s Day

Anna Sonnenstatter, Writer


Today is when people give back to the women who gave birth to them and support them in the things they do, through presenting them cards, flowers or other little gifts. Today is Mother’s Day, which is celebrated all over the world.

“Throughout your whole entire life, your mom is the person that helps you through everything. It is at least to give them one day, to show them that we care about what they do for us, I mean you should do it [appreciate mothers] other times but today  is the day for them [mothers] to truly relax to show that you truly do care for them,” senior Brett Jackson said.

In America, Mother’s Day often means buying a flower bouquet, jewelry or candy. In Japan, people offer their mothers single flowers or the families take them out to a restaurant to eat.

“[In Japan] We just go to a restaurant [which is special since] eating at home is usual”, the Japanese exchange student Ekai Hashimoto said.

While these traditions are similar to the ones in the US, Bosnia has another tradition to honor their mothers.

“You tie your mother [up on a chair] and you wait until she gives you money. So she has two options [either] to give you money or she can wait 24 hours”, Bosnian exchange student Djordje Sukalo said.

In summary, even though the moral behind Mother’s Day is globally very similar, the traditions vary greatly.