Prom: Old Hollywood

Jocelin Egeland, Writer

Once upon a time on April 23 there was a night to remember for anyone that attended. That night was prom.

Although there was a lot of work that went into making the perfect night, prom sponsor Cara Simmons loves the process and her staff.

“I love planning, and discussing with the committee. Everyone works together so well that it makes my job easy,” Simmons said. “Planning prom is like planning a wedding, but my amazing prom committee made it fun”

Dancing seems to be the key to a successful dance.

“My favorite part about prom was obviously the dancing with friends because you get to forget about school and all the stupid stuff that happens like drama and just have fun,” junior Kamryn Cain said.

For those that attended last year’s prom they saw an improvement in the overall attitude.

“Prom itself looked the same but the people seemed much happier which made prom more lively,” senior Kaitlyn Galietti said.

According to Simmons not much could have made prom better.

“This year was so amazing that its hard to find areas for improvement. It would be nice to have more decorations, maybe some live animals, or Beyoncé,” Simmons said.

For prom to be fun the students have to be in the right mindset to allow themselves to have fun.

“I think prom and the experience of prom is solely based on the attitudes of the attendants,” Simmons said.

For some, prom and the experience of prom is everything.

“Prom is never over. Life is prom, prom is life,” Cain said.