Journalism today at Mizzou

Amber Murray, Co-copy editor

On April 6 Columbia Missourian Director of Photography and assistant professor Brian Kratzer, along with Mizzou seniors Sarah Bell and Tim Tai and Master Candidate Justin Stewart, spoke at the Keynote Lecture “Beyond the Protest: Looking for Meaning When Campus Erupts.”

The lecture focused on the photojournalism and journalistic coverage of the Concerned Citizens of 1950 protests at Mizzou.

The speaker, Tai, explained his coverage of the events leading up to  Tim Wolfe’s resignation and the events afterward.

“I was called to cover the football team strike, but soon after I got that call, the situation changed because Tim Wolfe announced his resignation and when I went to the quad the students were gathering. There was so much emotion. People were cheering, crying and singing. They were hugging each other,” Tai said.

The speaker focused on the reasons photojournalism was important to understanding what is going on in the world.

During the presentation, Tai quoted Martin Luther King Jr. when he responded to a journalist that, instead of taking pictures of police pushing children, helped the children. King had said that no one would know that the children were pushed because it was not photographed.