April Fools


Anna Sonnenstatter

Senior Kiera Hall with a paper fish that stuck onto her by a French Club member on April 1. Senior Jordyn Eskijian putting a paper fish onto another students’ back on April 1.

Anna Sonnenstatter , Writer

Today is the 1st of April, April-fool’s-day. A day where joking and doing pranks on others is nearly a rule. The pranks vary from planned for weeks’ ones to very small ones, like driving somebody crazy with a screenshot.

“I am goanna do this to my mom today, so I am ‘screenshoting’ her background on her I-Phone and then I am putting all her apps on a separate page, so when she tries to click on her apps, it won’t work”, junior Mckayla Jameson said.

People can make big pranks, even organized by a whole group. French club, gave the members paper sheets with fish on them, to paint them, cut them out and tape them on other peoples’ backs or backpacks. Later the students will post their “prank-victims” on twitter.

“We have like posoin d’avril challenge, we have been sticking the April fish on teachers’ backs”, Senior Jordyn Eskijan said.

One factor all these pranks have in common is that they have to make others laugh and make fun.

“It is a an acceptable day to play jokes on people and be somewhat mean but not mean, kind of funny and it is like totally expectably and normal”, art teacher Heather Sulzen said.