8 things only Kansas City people would know


The view form the Liberty Memorial. Photo Courtesy

Jocelin Egeland, Writer

There are a few staples to the city that may seem strange to the non Kansas City born.

1. Weather

In Kansas City the temperatures can range from freezing in the morning to sweltering heat in the afternoon. Kansas Citians know to always wear layers.

2. Fountains

The City of Fountains is another common name for this beloved city. In America, Kansas City is known for having the most fountains, with over 200 spread throughout.

3. Barbeque

Any native to the area understands that the real and best barbeque is right here. There is nowhere else in the world that has as mouthwatering smoked meats as KC.

4. Penguin Park

Many people’s fondest childhood memories were at Penguin Park. With a 25-foot penguin there is no other park as unique as this Kansas City original.

5. Sporting

Everyone knows that the spirit and enthusiasm for the Kansas City sports teams is unmatched by any other city. The Kansas City Chiefs’ fans hold the record for the loudest roar at a game and last year at the Royals celebratory parade for winning the World Series, there was an estimated 800,000 people in attendance. Nothing matches the pride that Kansas City takes in their teams.

6. Amusement parks

Everyone in Kansas City has been to the amusement parks: Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. It is almost a right of passage for a child when they are finally tall enough to ride the Mamba.

7. Liberty Memorial

After World War 1, Kansas Citians made the Liberty Memorial to have a permanent monument to the ones who had fought in the war.  The monument was finished in 1926 and in 2006 the museum- which was designated as the nation’s official World War 1 Museum- opened to the public. The memorial honors the brave men and women that served in the war and Kansas City is proud to be the home of such a great reminder of the nation’s history.

8. City Market

In downtown Kansas City lies the irreplaceable City Market. Representing multiple different countries there are many shops, restaurants and vendors that sell authentic goods and cuisines from those countries. The City Market is a way for people to experience the world without leaving the state.