McTeacher Night


Rachel Adamson

Art teacher Heather Sulzen serving senior Billy Arreguin at McDonald’s on March 29.

Rachel Adamson, Editor in Chief

McTeacher Night occurs one to two times each year as a fundraiser for Miss School Miss Out. Teachers from school work at the McDonalds on Chouteau from 4-8 and 20 percent of the sales made during that time goes to the school.

“We raised a bit of money. We get 20 percent of the sales and so that’s the one fundraiser we have that helps support the program until we do it again,” Assistant principal Dixie Wescott who helped at McTeacher Night said.

McTeacher Night is an enjoyable experience for both students and staff members. Students get to watch their teachers make food and run the counter and teachers get to laugh at themselves and each other.

“It’s kind of fun being behind the counter and serving our community that comes in to support Winnetonka and to laugh at ourselves. We just have a good time,” Wescott said.