Batman vs Superman


The official Batman vs Superman movie poster

James Palmer, Writer

Batman vs Superman the movie was a disappointment.  An Oscar, or any award for that matter, for this movie will remain in the director’s, Zach Snyder’s dreams.

Audience expectations appeared to be low when it was announced that Ben Affleck was going to play Bruce Wayne, and yet, Affleck managed to stoop lower than the already low expectations. Bruce Wayne, the depressed and dark character that he is, should be well acted. The actor should show emotion and be the character, never failing to deliver whatever turmoil the character goes through. Affleck has failed.

Henry Cavill, Superman, is bland—flavorless performing an average superhero act. Coming away from the movie, the audience needs to remember the character and not the actor who played the character. An exceptional actor can deliver an epic act, leaving the audience awed. Cavill failed to deliver.

Now, on the other hand, Jesse Eisenberg, delivered a great crazy man—Lex Luther. Granted, Eisenberg’s performance calls for an acquired taste. Walking away from the theater, Luther (the character) is not what you remember, but Eisenberg’s luminance on the character was one for memory.

All else: CGI, cinematography, score, plot, is, well… what can be said? There is a formula to all superhero movies. For example, there are the enemies and there are the good guys. They fight. There is struggle but the hero saves the day. All this, leading up to the next movie.  The superhero vs. superhero formula did not work.

The actors, the director and this movie overall did not meet the expectations that Marvel has been giving audiences. If nothing else, go see the movie for Eisenberg’s act because in a nest of bad eggs there has to be one that stands out.

All-inclusively this movie deserves a D.