I’m addicted to shopping


Emily Elliott

Senior Haley Swanigan at her job organizing the clothing rack on March 3.

Ciara Arena, Writer

People express their emotions in different ways: some people cry, scream, throw fits, or in senior Haley Swanigan’s case, shop.

Swanigan is viewed as a shopaholic by friends as well as herself. Most times she turns to shopping as a stress reliever.

“I have a really bad habit of going shopping while I’m sad; it makes me feel better,” Swanigan said “It’s like retail therapy.”

Swanigan has always loved buying clothes, but she noticed her shopping habits worsening as early as middle school.

“I’d say I go shopping about 17 to 18 times a month. I really have a problem,” Swanigan said.

When it comes to enjoying a night out with friends, Swanigan reevaluates if she would rather spend money on going out or a new piece of clothing.

“I think, ‘well I could go out with my friends and use the money for that, but really I could buy this new top and be just as happy’,” Swanigan said.

Although Swanigan prefers to shop alone, senior Kevin Vo tags along periodically and has recognized her shopping obsession.

“Haley for sure loves to go to stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21; stores that have a good variety of clothing,” Vo said.

Working at the clothing store, Francesca’s, may be another causation toward her addiction. With customers asking about her fashion opinion, Swanigan must stay up to date with her wardrobe.

“The way my job is, you have to shop for other people,” Swanigan said, “[Shopping] is literally my job.”

Sometimes for Swanigan, shopping can be a major confidence booster.

“If I feel super ugly that day then I’ll go out and buy a new outfit and it’s okay,” Swanigan said.

Although Swanigan may shop at many different stores, there is always one that she cannot resist every time she buys new clothing.

“She definitely could not live without Forever 21,” Vo said.