I’m addicted to working out


Emily Elliott

Junior Luke Whistler working out at World’s Gym on March 3.

Kati McMullen, Writer and photographer

Winnetonka Junior Luke Whistler spends roughly nine hours of his week at the gym.

Luke has been addicted to working out since his second year in middle school.

“In seventh grade I watched the Batman movies and I was a huge dork and was like ‘that’s got to be me,’” Luke said.

He has a set routine that he completes in the week.

“Over five days, I’ll do legs first, then chest and triceps, then back and biceps, then deltoids and traps, and then I’ll rest and go again,” Luke said.

He makes sure to work his gym schedule around his school and social life.

“Everyone who texts me knows there’s an hour and a half period of the day where I wont text them back,”

His little sister Madison Whistler is a Freshman at Winnetonka as well. Madison stands for the family in saying that Luke’s obsession with working out is not as bad as it seems.

“The whole family’s pretty cool with it unless it gets in the way of things we want to do,” Madison said.

Just like any addiction, Luke faces opinions and judgment from other people.

“Calves are a genetic thing. I wasn’t born with big calves.  So when I’m in the store people ask me how I can stand up, and some people say they don’t want me to look like a cloud,” Luke said. It just gets me really flustered.”