I’m addicted to coffee


Emily Elliott

Junior Emma Evans drinking coffee at Starbucks on March 7.

Jocelin Egeland, Writer

“I drink it anytime, any place, anywhere. It could be 10 o’clock and I’ll drink it,” junior Emma Evans said.

Since the eighth grade Evans has been addicted to coffee.

“I used to not like coffee, then I went to Starbucks and I just liked it,” Evans said.

Evans’ friends and family have noticed her addiction from the beginning.

“I’ve known Emma since freshman year. She was addicted then and she is still addicted now. It’s been a vicious cycle,” junior Susan Engstrom said.

Without her daily dose, Evans is not the same person.

“It’s kind of like a medication because she is really irritable when she doesn’t have it and she kind of gets mean,” Engstrom said.

However, Evans does not notice a difference in her personality.

“I don’t think it affects my demeanor, I think I’m still a happy person,” Evans said, “I think I drink it more for the taste.”

Many of her friends have contributed to her addiction by buying her the ultimate Christmas gift.

“I saved up for like a month so I could put a bunch of money in the Keurig fund,” Engstrom said, “a bunch of us saved our money so we could buy her a Keurig.”

Her addiction does not come without a price.

“She spends probably half her paycheck on coffee every week,” Engstrom said.

Not only does Evans love the taste of coffee, but she is entranced by the aroma.

“The smell is beautiful. I think when I grow up I want to have a coffee shop in my home and not open it to the public, just have it brewing all the time,” Evans said.

Through all the money spent and time taken out of her schedule for coffee, Evans swears she does not have a problem.

“I’m not addicted” Evans said.