Rachel Adamson

The eco-eggs made by the Environmental club that will be sold on March 18 for 50 cents.

Ciara Arena , Writer

The Environmental Club decided to make being eco-friendly fun and decorative. They have come up with the idea of selling eco-eggs, which are plastic eggs with soil and different types of seeds in them.

“We want to bring awareness about other beings on this planet as well as showing that you can grow plants everywhere,” science teacher Brice Jensen said.

Some of the students believe this project is a start to a cleaner environment and a good way to inform people about the harmful waste in this world.

“It’s important for the environment because we don’t want people throwing trash on the ground or polluting the earth,” junior Shelby Hillburn said.

The club wants to impact others and even students outside the club to consider becoming part of this team and one way they’re spreading that message is through the eco-eggs.

“We don’t have a lot of people in our club, and we’re just really trying to get them [students] to join in more things,” Hillburn said.

The money they raise from selling these eggs will go towards a rabbit rescue and to help more animals on this earth.

“We hope that students will be more compassionate about other animals and that they have an important place on this planet and should be taken care of,” Jensen said.