5 things you didn’t know about St. Patrick’s Day


Jocelin Egeland

Senior Dominic Rizzo wearing green pants in support of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor

This Irish holiday is known for the drinking, the clover and painful pinches, but you might not have known these things about it.

1. The color should be blue, not green – Saint Patrick’s color was originally blue, but in the late 18th century green became associated with the independence movement in Ireland.

2. New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is one of the largest in the world – even though it’s ginormous in size, there are no floats or cars; they don’t allow them to march with anything in the parade except their feet.

3. Chicago runs green (literally) – the city of Chicago pours about 40 tons of dye into it’s river to make it a celebratory green.

4. Female leprechauns aren’t a thing – tradition Irish folk tales don’t consist of any female leprechauns – only funny looking lil’ guys.

5. Patrick banished all snake from Ireland – Irish folk tale also says that the icon got rid of every snake in Ireland, but in fact there originally were none regardless.