Cheerleading tryouts


Rachel Adamson

Senior Megan Shipley cheering at a pep assembly on Aug. 28

Ciara Arena , Writer

Tryouts for the new cheer season are right around the corner.

Many girls believe they must be working hard to be fully prepared.

“To prepare for tryouts I’m stretching a lot to improve my jumps and refreshing on movements and the fight song,” junior Zoe Goss said.

One of the numerous ways the girls prime themselves for tryouts is to remain having positive thoughts.

“You have to be really cheerful and always keep a smile,” sophomore Destiny Cooper said.

Some of the cheerleaders that were on junior varsity for the 2015-2016 season want to become even better to make it onto varsity for the new season.

“This year I’m really nervous, because I’m trying out for varsity,” Cooper said.

From all of the hard work the cheerleaders have put in they are anxious and excited to see what this season brings them.

“I always get a little nervous before tryouts but I’m mainly excited. I can’t wait for the new season to start and to be back with the team at practice. I also can’t wait to see where my senior year takes me,” Goss said.