The Boy


The official movie poster for the The Boy

Angela Sluder, Writer and photographer


The Boy is a PG-13 horror movie. It is directed by William Brent Bell. The movie was released on January 22, 2016. The main actors are Lauren Cohan who starred as Greta Evans and Rupert Evans who takes part as Malcolm.

The Boy takes place in an isolated town in England, and focuses on a household where the parents hire a nanny from America.

Some things the crew could have changed to make the movie better could be, to add scarier parts. There were only a few things that made the audience jump. With that, the intense moments were unexpected.

The best parts of The Boy would be when the audience could be seen on the edge of there seat waiting for the next powerful scene to play.

Movie goers who enjoy suspense and thrillers, with a little bit of romance, should put The Boy on their list of movies to see. This movie is suitable for people 13 years and older.

The Boy deserves a B for its ability to keep the audience clinging to seats.