Ten tips for successful studying

Emily Elliott, Editor in chief

  1. Be organized: Have a plan for your daily schedule including sports, extra curricular activities, clubs you may be involved in, work and other activities that can influence your time to study.
  2. Stay clean: Keep your work area clean to maintain your focus solely on studying, instead of paying attention to the magazines you threw onto your desk.
  1. Find the perfect music: Sometimes listening to music will motivate you to continue studying, or help you focus on the work being done.
  1. Have goals: With a goal in mind, action is sure to follow. By having goals in college, you are able to keep a productive mindset.
  1. Turn off the distractions: Put the phone and Netflix away for complete and total concentration on your school work and study time. Save the distractions for later!
  1. Join a study group: Spend time with people in your own class, struggling with the same subject as you to help yourself and others. There is nothing wrong with studying with a group of people.
  1. Color coat: Bring some color into your notes as a way to keep your thoughts and study notes neat on paper. Plus, they make writing notes fun!
  1. Make flashcards: Whether it is readings from the book, or vocabulary words, flashcards will help you memorize the subject being learned.
  1. Relax: Spend a day off of staring into a textbook or your notes and do something enjoyable outside and with your friends. Mingle, go workout, take a nap, anything to help you relax and focus the next day.
  1. Reward yourself: Once you have studying hard enough to remember the content and you have confidence towards taking the test, reward yourself with something to keep you motivated and ready to ace the final!