8 clubs you may not have known about


Rachel Adamson

The Art club walking in the Homecoming parade on Oct. 9

Emily Noyes, Design editor

Key club

What is it? Teenagers work together to better the community.

When is it? Fridays during intervention in RC6.

Why Join? They have a Valentine’s Dance and participate community service projects. You also get community service hours.


Environmental club

What is it? Get together to raise environmental awareness.

When is it? Tuesdays after school in B3.

Why join? They plant seeds and sell them for Earth Day.


International club

What is? Foreign exchange students get together with Tonka students to learn more about each other and other cultures.

When is it? The first Monday of every month at six.

Why join? They hold ethnic dinners and go on field trips.


French club

What is it? French enthusiasts talk about France and do French projects.

When is it? Fridays during intervention.

Why join? They eat French food and are making a French music video.


Art club

What is it? Students make art together.

When is it? Tuesdays.

Why join? They participate in the Chalk and Walk Festival.


48th Street Players

What is it? Comedians join together to make each other laugh with stand up comedy and improv.

When is it? Tuesdays after school in the little theater.

Why join? They put on a Comedey and Cookies show for the school.


Louder Than a Bomb

What is it? Students share their poetry with each other.

When is it? Mondays after school.

Why join? They compete in poetry competitions.


Scholar bowl

What is it? Students battle it out with trivia questions.

When is it? Wednesdays after school in D3.

Why join? They compete with other schools. They also use buzzers.