Pack the House


Rachel Adamson

Senior Jimmie Todd playing in the Pack the House basketball game on Feb. 19.

Ciara Arena, Writer

Intensity in the Pack the House boy’s varsity basketball game on Feb. 19 was at an all time high. The crowd and the student section were very supportive and cheerful.

“It [the crowd] helped a lot! We need a crowd like that every time, after every made shot, steal or foul on them the crowd goes crazy,” senior Takoda Swearngin said.

The crowd shows how much Winnetonka truly supports every team in every sport. Student sections are even crazier when it comes to Pack the House games.

“I think the crowd helped us with the intensity of the game when something would go our way,” junior Darius Campbell said.

Some of the basketball players believe they play as best as they can but they would like to work on coming together more to win.

“We learned that if we don’t play as a team, we can’t win. At times I think we played good as a team but we have to do that the whole game,” Campbell said.

The coaches even play a big part of being one of the team’s biggest supporters and consider every lesson learned that they are taught at each game is a big part to success.

“I learned we need to go with the plan coach gives us and play our heart out every second of the game,” Swearngin said.