Scholarship opportunities available by the counselor

Scholarship opportunities available by the counselor

Emily Elliott, Editor in chief

The counselors have put together a website for students to use as a school resource and a tool for seniors to have quick access to important college necessities such as FASFA, transcript information and scholarship applications.

Seniors have the opportunity to sign up and apply for multiple scholarships and grants the counselors have already found and downloaded onto the website for all students and families.

As this is a new development for the year, some students are greatly appreciative for the creation of the website and its perks such as the list of scholarships and grants available in Kansas City.

“I think it’s given for granted and doesn’t get enough credit,” senior Kevin Vo said, “There are so many scholarships with hundreds of dollars and no one really takes up the opportunity to do them.”

For it is can be easy to navigate, the counselors hope students continue to use the website as a way to save money and stay on the path of success for schooling.

“I love it so much and I am really grateful that the counselors have given up their time and gave us this opportunity with a list of literal free money for school,” Vo said.

For more information, go to the WHS Counseling center website. CLICK HERE.