Green grams


Kaitlyn Minet

A few of the Green Grams that will be sold before and after school as well as during lunch on Feb. 11 for 50 cents

Kaitlyn Minet, Amy Chavarin, and

Environmental club is selling Green Grams on February 11 in the cafeteria to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Green Grams are similar to Candy Grams that have been sold in the past by student council.

“Green Grams have seeds in them, so you can give them to your significant other or a friend so you can ‘let your love grow’,” Jensen said, “They also have a cute saying on the back with the name of seed inside and a Valentine’s Day quote.”

Some believe that Green Grams offer a new aspect to giving a gift.

“The benefits about them [Green Grams] is instead of giving someone already grown flowers, people can now be able to plant and grow them themselves,” club member, junior Shelby Hilburn said.

While the Green Grams are sold for the purpose of a Valentine’s Day gift they will also be used as a way to encourage students to grow their own plants.

“Our goal is to spread the word of being able to grow your own plants or maybe your own garden when it gets warm out,” Jensen said.