Jocelin Egeland and Alyssa Magrone

The accumulation of short plays directed by theater seniors was an experience all can relate to.

From comedies to inspiring true narratives, the Shorts took the audience from laughs to tears.

While some of the content was intended for mature audiences only, there were several Shorts that produced family friendly material.

In between each play the stage crew was swift and efficient, allowing the show to flow and continue without disruptions.

The simple set designs contributed to the quick transitions between the shows.

Although there were a couple technical malfunctions, the actors remained cool under pressure and continued acting.

The actors’ performances were all phenomenal. They stayed in character and kept the audience engaged the entire time.

Despite rowdy audience members the attention was always focused on the play.

In contrast to complex stories, the costumes remained simple yet fit the role of the character portrayed.

It was evident that the directors were deeply invested in their play and prepared their cast for each role. Overall, Shorts deserves an A.

Shorts (in order of performance)

  1. 1.The Runaways directed by Adena Carr
  2. Fridged directed by Janae Bell
  3. Lost Without You directed by Samantha Lamount and Stephanie Sharpio
  4. All Stories Must Come To An End directed by Sylvanya Engdahl
  5. Mystery Train directed by Carly Chapman and Maxine Williams
  6. Grievances directed by Jaryn Lasiter
  7. Sunset directed by Janae Bell
  8. Something Like a Toy Story directed by Hersan Coello
  9. Outside Normal directed by Will Wiley
  10. Crossade Vampire Party directed by Dakota Driskell
  11. Too Late directed by Mihnea Mocanasu
  12. O What a Life directed by Dhonnovin
  13. Mad Love directed by Sylvanya Engdahl