Griffin Rites staff

I’ve gotten some weird looks and some people looked sad for me. 

Stop Bullying’s website defines bullying as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.”

I am wearing a sign today that says ugly; A girl looked at me and said it was an accurate sign.

The social experiment #blackoutbullying is a social experiment made to bring attention to bullying in middle and high schools.

My word was lazy; walking down the hallways and past teachers, I’m scared they’ll think of me differently because of my bold word choice that can really play a key factor in school.

The creators of the movement wanted to make victims feel empowered. When people see a sign like that, it is expected that others will deny the printed words. However, sometimes that is not the case.      

A few people did acknowledge what I was doing and admired the cause, but some of my closest friends really disappointed me. As soon as I put the sign on, one of my friends nodded in approval of my word choice; she agreed that it fit me.

Participants are to wear all black and not speak unless spoken to throughout the day.

It has been slightly different to not talk, but I feel that not talking added something else to this. 

The purpose is to gain momentum in the fight against bullying among school aged children.

I made my word large and bold for a reason: to see if people cared enough to think a little deeper, look a little longer. 

Because it is easier for people to bully behind one’s back, someone can come off as two-faced in certain situations.

The person who was the inspiration for my word, “annoying”, came up to me to say that whoever called me that was dumb, but she was the one who had done so for years. 

Despite negative comments made at the participants during the day, some faced positivity from their peers.

My sign read “thunder thighs”, but my friend told me my thighs are beautiful.

Bullying is a problem faced everyday by millions of kids across the country, but it is possible to help the issue. Tell strangers they are stunning, handsome, intellectual; support their cause and the world will begin to change.

I am not lazy.

I am not fat.

I am not worthless.