Future is near in downtown KC

Mallery Zion, Editor

The city is adding multiple new amenities to the bustle of the downtown area including energy-efficient streetlights, streetcar transport and video kiosks, according to The Kansas City Star.

Early this coming spring, most likely sometime March and April, residents and visitors should expect to see free to the public rapid transit streetcar systems.

Within the radius of the River Market and Union Station, people will supposedly be able to depend on being able to hop on or off these new transports every couple blocks or so. The streetcars will merge within the normal downtown traffic flow and procedures.

“In my opinion I think that the streetcar systems might be helpful towards people in the community to be able to get around town easier,” community member Jade Wiley said. “It would definitely help people with lack of transportation.”

More information about the new transportation systems can be found on the “KC Streetcar” website.

Following the trend of a desired, more advanced “smart city”, video kiosks are expected around certain locations to further viewers’ interests in entertainment and restaurant news. Wi-Fi networks and technological methods are on the vision boards of the city representatives.

“Video kiosks would be helpful for tourists or people who just don’t know what they want to do in downtown KC,” Wiley said. “Plus, bringing Wi-Fi networks to downtown would be awesome; who doesn’t love Wi-Fi?”

In response to the crisis on environmental instability, the city is also planning to install energy-efficient, light reactive LED streetlights.

“I think these improvements are great stepping stones for our great city to become “green”; I’d like to see more funding and exploration into this,” senior Braylin Russell said. “Knowing that there are now all these new things to Kansas City will make me want to travel downtown just for the experience.”
Visit http://kcstreetcar.org for up to date photographs.