Alyssa Magrone, Copy Editor/A&E Editor

A dispute over a washing machine is what possibly led to a family shootout.

According to the Associate Press, the incident took place in a home located in Rowland Heights, California on New Year’s Eve.

Michael John Morey, 54, opened fire killed his wife, Betty Jean Morey; his son’s girlfriend, Linda Patricia Merrell; and house guest Ernesto Calzadilla.

Christopher Morey, son of Michael Morey, recovered the gun and shot his father, killing him.

Prosecutors are still determining whether Christopher Morey was acting in self defense when he shot his father, or if his father no longer posed a threat when he was shot. He is being held on a one-million-dollar bail.

To discover the motive behind the shooting, investigators questioned the surviving witnesses.

“It looks like there was a dispute between the dad and the son’s girlfriend, probably over-using the washing machine,” Sherriff Lt. John Corina said.

This was not the first time authorities had been called to the home. The sheriff department stated that Michael Morey was a heavy drinker with a large gun collection.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the mother and brother of the house guest—Calzadilla, visited the home. His mother stated that her son enjoyed to be at the house, while his brother had other opinions.

Wilfred Calzadilla stated that his brother stopped visiting the house because of the suspicious father, but returned New Year’s Eve.

“Mixing alcohol and guns never end good,” Calzadilla said.