Another homicide marks the third deadliest year for Kansas City

Amy Chavarin, Writer

Wednesday December 30th, detectives investigate another homicide killing. This has become the third deadliest year in history for homicides for Kansas City.

“People don’t deserve to be punished for living life and then being killed for no possible reason,” junior Leona Blount said.

According to Fox4News police were called to a home around eleven p.m. Tuesday night on a report of an argument or fight ending with a deadly shooting.

Police found the victim suffering from gunshot wounds and declared the victim dead.

“I feel like this person didn’t deserve to die, people are killing for no reason and there couldn’t have been anything that the person did to deserve to loose their life so easily to a gun,’ Blount said.

Police have not released what they believe led to the shooting, according to Fox4News.

This latest homicide leaves Kansas City stand at 109 recorded homicides of the year.

“People can’t go anywhere without being threatened or attacked. People have issues everywhere. They go and these problems always come with consequences and it’s only because people in this world make it hard for you to live your everyday life,” Blount said.