China taking a step back?

Kaitlyn Minet, News Editor

China is renewing their one child policy starting Jan. 1.

On Saturday [December 26] the country’s lawmakers rubber-stamped the new legislation during a session of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, which governs the country’s laws, reported the state-run Xinhua news agency to CNN.

The state advocates that one couple will be allowed to have two children, according to the newly revised Law on Population and Family planning.

Some think that the renewed policy has disadvantages.

“I think it’ll have a negative impact because more people are going to want two kids but may not be able to provide for them and population will increase,” junior Kaytlyn Writesman said.

China initially issued the one child policy in attempt to control population in the 1970s, CNN reported.

Some argue the creation of the law was pointless.

“One-child policy was ineffective and unnecessary, since China’s fertility rates were already slowing by the 1980s,” Wang Feng a professor at Fudan University and a leading demographic expert on China told CNN.

Even propaganda is changing to advertise new policy, CNN reports, old advertisements depicted parents doting over one child while a recent commercial showed a boy sharing a toy with his younger sister.

Some believe that the propaganda is beneficial.

“Couples with one child can see other children playing together, so maybe it’ll make them want to have another child so theirs isn’t alone,” Writesman said.