Winter is officially here

Amber Murray, Co-copy editor

The first day of winter has arrived.

December 22 marks the first full day of winter. The winter solstice was on the night of Dec. 21. The longest night of the year.

“The winter solstice is the precise moment the Northern Hemisphere is tilted its farthest from the sun all year,” according to USATODAY.

This cosmic event marks the beginning of winter, and the colder months of the year, however, this day is not necessarily always the coldest.

The weather usually becomes coldest in the United States during mid to late January.

“The coldest days in Boston, on average, are Jan. 17-26. In Chicago, it’s Jan. 17-20, and in Miami, it’s Jan. 2-22,” according to USATODAY.

This year the weather will be unseasonably warm. The first full day of winter will have a high of 57 and a low of 48.

The abnormal weather may be attributed to a tropical storm near the equator.