Winnetonka’s Debate takes 4-0 and 3-1

Riley Neighbors, J1 Writer

On Dec. 11 the debate team went on their semester “All Squad Tournament” at William Chrisman High School for varsity members and Truman High School for novice members, in Independence, MO.

Two of Winnetonka’s debaters are junior Charity Smith and freshman Machelle Bearden. Smith is on the varsity team while Bearded is novice. The novice public form team went 3 to 1 and varsity took 4 and 0 and went to quarter finals.

This was considered to be a large tournament. The team’s Lincoln Douglas Debaters argued both sides of the topic of jury nullification and the jury’s ability to go against the evidence, and make a different call on a punishment for a criminal. Novice debaters had the topic of standardized testing in schools.

e Bearden says “The competition was easy, not too many teams were prepared and our competitors in first round forfeited after first speaker,” Bearden said. She won “Best Speaker” in both rounds.

The whole squad was pleased with the outcome of the tournament and is excited for second semesters all squad tournament, which will be an open competition.

“I personally think I did well in my rounds for my information given, considering I was filling in for another debater due to other obligations. I got all my information that day,” Smith said, “Overall, our debate team did good and I’m proud of everyone.”