Robotics is the future

Piath Mourwal, J1 Writer

The Robotics Club is a club that allows “Students with a wide variety of skills, collaborating to design and build a machine,” Jeff Janzen website and programming teacher said.

Though many people don’t see it, robots are being used in many ways. The tool you use to toast your toast in the early morning – is a robot. Machines like the toaster are slowly, but surely being accepted and trusted to do things faster and easier.

Janzen stated that one of the best things about Robotics is, “Having all the different personalities come together.”

They all know, and create things that’d shut simple minded people up.

For students wanting to get into engineering, it’s best for them to get involved into Robotics and be taught things they didn’t know about.

“I benefit through learning ways of engineering because, I want to go to college for engineering one day,” freshman Robotics Club member, Brandon Burt said.

Burt wants to be an Aerospace Engineer, and continuously goes to every practice and meeting, to know everything he can about engineering.

His future is his motivation. “I just like building things, it’s just what I’ve always liked doing.”

The benefits of Robotics Club are what attracts most, if not all students to it.

“For students going into engineering, this is one the best things you could do in High School, just because it’s such a challenging, rigorous process,” engineering teacher, Nicholas Schwieder said.

“Working hard, not giving up easily, being able to work with others, being able to solve problems are the main qualifications for success in Robotics,” Schwieder said.

The students make all the decisions. The teachers – the mentors are [only] there to kind of guide them. So, you have to know how to get along with others and communicate.

“You’re going to fail a lot, but then you’re going to succeed eventually,” Schwieder said.