ISIS and the United States

Ciara Arena, Writer

As the catastrophes from ISIS breaks out, people all around the world are taking more precaution.

On November 13, 2015 multiple terrorist attacks occurred in Paris. According to CNN 129 people were killed and multiple bomb threats were released.

When a crisis similar to Paris happen, ISIS tends to turn them into events to celebrate and teach kids in that domain that terrorism was something to honor.

Only a few days later, Russia decided to send a message to ISIS, for Paris by bombing areas around Syria.

“To be in an area with extremists who would torture and kill anyone is terrifying,” freshman Ayan Farah said.

Anonymous hackers are continuing to show the world what ISIS may be capable of doing.

For example, an ISIS terrorist leaked a video online of himself beheading a Russian spy to send a threat to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A shooting took place in San Bernardino, California on Dec. 2, and investigators confirmed the shooter supported ISIS.

Islamophobia, according to the Center of Race and Gender of the University of California, Berkeley, is defined as “unfounded hostility towards Muslims, and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims.”

Foreign terrorism in America fuels Islamophobia and causes hate towards Muslim -Americans.

“There is a lot of Islamophobia in America. These people need to realize just because someone is Muslim it doesn’t mean they are a terrorist,” Farah said.

Some Americans make misconceptions that refugees who come to the U.S. are foreign terrorists, when, in fact most refugees are trying to escape the dangers of terrorism in their home countries.

According to CNN it can take up to twelve to eighteen months for the processing of a refugee application to get approved, although Syrian applications may take even longer.

“They [Refugees] are just like us with their own families and have lives to live,” Farah said.

According to Gallup, 52 percent of Americans and 48 percent of Canadians said they do not respect Muslim societies.

Deceptions are one of the main causes of the hostility people have towards Muslims.

“These Muslims are still Americans and hate these terror groups just as much as you do,” Farah said.