The Annual Craft Fair Deserves an A

Jocelin Egeland , Writer

Saturday Dec. 5, the girls’ basketball team hosted their annual craft fair.

Vendors from all over the city come to sell their various crafts and knick knacks in the school.

Everything sold at the fair is handmade and original. One vendor had airplanes made from recycled cans while another had handmade scarfs and quilts. There were many photographers selling their pictures of everything from the Plaza lights to the animals at the zoo. Each booth was filled with interesting items that the makers had put their hearts and souls into.

Despite the lack of advertisement towards the school, the fair was busy and people of all ages were there. Even families from other schools attended the fair.

There was a raffle for people to win numerous prizes that were featured in the fair.

Each vendor was eager to tell you everything about their products and no one was pushing their products on you. The whole environment was laid back.

The basketball team put a lot of work into this fair to pull it off. Staying multiple hours after school and working hard all day showed and was a part of the reason the whole thing was a success.

The prices for each booth were a bit high, but that is to be expected for handmade items. The little imperfections that show the hard work put into the item rather than a machine doing the work, makes the product’s price worth it.

The fair took place in the Aux gym, main gym and all down the F hallway. This was not a small fair at all. It was huge and spread out with took people coming in by surprise.

Overall, the Winnetonka Craft Fair deserves an A.