A review of a local bakery

Jocelin Egeland, Writer

Smallcakes Cupcakery is a leader in the cupcake revolution.

Located on Ash Avenue in Liberty, Smallcakes offers a wide variety of flavors.

Founder Jeff Martin discovered fame after multiple appearances on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” and the daytime talk show “The View.”

According to Business Insider, Smallcakes is one of the fastest growing chains and USA TODAY stated that they were one of the top ten cupcake places to try in America.

With the motto of “Maybe a Cupcake Will Help?” Smallcakes believes they can expand their company across the world.

Everyday of the week the cupcakery has different signature flavors, and a few consistent ones too. They also bake their cupcakes fresh every morning.

The service was phenomenal; they were so kind and welcoming from the moment the door opened.

Aromas from the kitchen waft out into the sitting area, where you could see the cupcakes baking.

The frosting to cake ratio was perfect. The decorations almost made the cupcakes too beautiful to eat.

For one regular sized cupcake it was $3.75, which is a little pricey but the quality of the cupcake justifies it.

They also offer medium and mini sized cupcakes but those are custom orders.

With a new outlook on cupcakes, superb service and unique flavors, Smallcakes Cupcakery is a place worthy of a visit.

Overall, Smallcakes deserves an A rating.