Double the dedication

James Palmer and Rachel Adamson

As seniors Deenia McMiller and Perry Randle put in 15 hours at basketball practice every week, they are reminded that each day is an opportunity to improve.

McMiller has grown with a basketball background, which helped mold the passion she has today.

“My mom’s love for basketball has rubbed off on me. She has played a major role in my basketball life,” McMiller said.

Randle’s dad introduced him to playing basketball at the age of five.

“My dad just gave me a ball one day and ever since I have just been dribbling and shooting,” Randle said.

Although McMiller struggled with basketball at first, she overcame her obstacles and continued on.

“During my freshman year, I struggled fitting in, but I’ve built bonds and because I am a senior I have to step up to the plate and make sure our team goes far,” McMiller said.

Randle also overcame his situation, by practicing harder and trying to be the best player possible.

“My sophomore year everybody in my grade got to play in the jamboree that made the team and I was the only person who didn’t get to play,” Randle said. “After that I worked so hard and I was the only person who played on varsity after words.”

According to coach Todd Marcantonio, being involved with a high school sport is essentially a part-time job. It takes time, effort and, above all, the will to push yourself.

“If you don’t spend time on something, you have no idea how good you could be. You have to overthink the exhaustion you will get from playing and that discipline will make you better,” McMiller said.

According to Marcantonio, McMiller’s dedication shows on the court, but the character she displays off the court also shows her passion and motivation.

“DeeNia’s athletic ability has never been in question. She is a great student, doesn’t get in trouble and has a quality ACT score. If there were more DeeNia’s in the world, it would definitely be a better place,” Marcantoinio said.

Randle’s motivation to gain scholarships has pushed him to be a leader on the court.

“I plan on being the best player I can be and being a leader, I know that colleges look at that stuff,” Randle said.

After high school Randle plans on playing in college. While McMiller does not plan on pursuing basketball after high school she will be runnining track.