Terrorist group attacks Paris

Riley Stephenson and Angela Sluder

On Friday November 13th, Paris was attacked by ISIS, a terrorist group from Raqqa Syria. According to CNN, there has been an estimated 129 deaths and 352 injured and 99 seriously injured due to this incident.

“Despite the bloodshed Parisians are taking to the streets with a simple message for the terrorist and the world,” reporter Ben Wederman told CNN.

The accident happened while a soccer match was underway and at five other locations including two restaurants.

KMBC and CNN has reported that seven gunmen have been killed. There were three teams of terrorists involved.

France says there are 23 people in custody and 104 under house arrest in connection with the Paris attacks.

On Monday November 16, supporters of the terrorists’ attack take a moment of silence in the Place de La Pepublique to honor the victims of Friday’s attacks.