Game Five of the World Series


Inning 1

Lorenzo Cain got on base with a single, then stole a base to advance to second base. Matt Harvey then retired the inning to keep the Royals in check. Curtis Granderson hit a solo home run to start the inning getting the Mets the lead.

1-0 New York

Inning 2

Mike Moustakas reached on first after an error by the Mets first basemen. Harvey then ended the inning keeping the Mets lead. Edinson Volquez came back and sent New York down in order.

1-0 New York

Inning 3

Volquez got on with a single, but Harvey kept the Royals in check allowing no more hits. Volquez then sent the Mets down in order for the second time.

1-0 New York

Inning 4

Both pitchers sent the batters down in order and the score stayed the same.

1-0 New York

Inning 5

Alex Gordon walked, advancing him to first base. Harvey ended the inning, keeping the Mets lead. Volquez allowed two walks, with one being an intentional walk. Volquez got out of the jam after a Harvey ground out.

1-0 New York

Inning 6

Kansas City still could not get on the board after six solid innings by Harvey. Volquez then walked Granderson. After a couple batters, Lucas Duda finally hit a sacrifice fly adding to the Mets lead.

2-0 New York

Inning 7

Moustakas hit a leadoff single. Kansas City could not do anything else after Harvey retired the inning. The Royals then kept the lead in check getting out of the  seventh inning.

2-0 New York

Inning 8

Matt Harvey pitched another perfect inning to keep the Mets two run lead. Kelvin Herrera pitched another good inning keeping New York in check as well.

2-0 New York

Inning 9

Kansas City rallied back in the ninth to the game at two. A walk by Cain and a stolen base also by Cain, allowed for a single by Eric Hosmer to get Cain in making the game two to one. Salvador Pérez then grounded out, but after an error by Duda, Hosmer scored and the game was then tied. Herrera kept the Mets of the scoreboard making the game go to extra innings.


Inning 10

Kansas City could not get another run after a one, two, three inning by New York. Luke Hochevar then pitched a scoreless half inning keeping the Royals in it to win it.


Inning 11

Kansas City got a runner in scoring position after Hosmer singled and stole second. Pérez then grounded out which ended the inning. Hochevar put the Mets down, only allowing a walk by Daniel Murphy.


Inning 12

Christian Colón singled which scored pitch runner Jarrod Dyson. Alcides Escobar then doubled scoring Colón. Cain doubled giving Kansas City the three run lead. Wade Davis then shut the Mets out giving Kansas City the win.

Final 5-2 Kansas City