Game Four of the World Series


Inning 1

Kansas City got off to rough start as they go three and out. The Mets did not get on the plates as well.


Inning 2

The Royals got their first hit of the game, but went no where with that being the only hit in the inning. New York went down in order again.


Inning 3

Kansas City retired in order. New York got on the scoreboard first after a Michael Conforto solo home run. Wilmer Flores hit a single putting a Mets runner on base. A couple of batters later, Curtis Granderson was able to get Flores home making the score two to zero.

2-0 New York

Inning 4

The Royals went down in order again as the Mets kept their lead. Royals pitcher, Chris Young, sent the Mets down in order after allowing two runs in the inning before.

2-0 New York

Inning 5

After a Salvador Pérez double and an Alex Gordon double, the Royals found themselves on the board. Conforto homered again for the second time adding another run to the Mets lead.

3-1 New York

Inning 6

Ben Zobrist doubled to leadoff the inning for the Royals. Lorenzo Cain then singled scoring Zobrist, making it a one run lead. Kansas City kept the one run deficit after a three and out by the Mets.

3-2 New York

Inning 7

Both the Royals and Mets went down in order keeping the score in check.

3-2 New York

Inning 8

After an error by Daniel Murphy for the Mets, Eric Hosmer capitalized as Zobrist scored tying the game. Mike Moustakas then singled, scoring Cain and giving the Royals the lead. Pérez singled which brought Hosmer in, adding to the Royals lead. The Mets were able to get a runner on base, but could not do anything as the Royals held onto their lead.

3-5 Kansas City

Inning 9

Kansas City went down in order, as they could not add to their lead. The Mets however could not add to the score.

Final 3-5 Kansas City Royals