Game Three of the World Series


Inning 1

Kansas City stuck on the scoreboard first after Ben Zobrist and Lorenzo Cain got on base. Eric Hosmer then got Zobrist home to take the one run lead of the New York Mets. New York got on with a leadoff single by Curtis Granderson, then veteran David Wright homered to make the lead two to one.

2-1 New York

Inning 2

Kansas City quickly got the runs back after a two run third with key hits from Alex Ríos and Salvador Pérez. Ríos singled which scored Pérez to tie the game. Mets pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, threw a wild pitch that Ríos scored on. Royal’s pitcher Yordano Ventura then sent the Mets down in order.

2-3 Kansas City

Inning 3

Kansas City got sent down in order to end the inning. A two run home run by Granderson, then put the Mets back up on top.

4-3 New York

Inning 4

The Royals went down one, two, three again by Syndergaard. New York then got another run after a RBI (run batted in) single by Michael Conforto to add another run to the Mets lead.

5-3 New York

Inning 5

Syndergaard hit pitcher Danny Duffy then sent the Royals down, while Kansas City pitcher Luke Hochevar also put the Mets down after allowing a single hit in the inning.

5-3 New York

Inning 6

Kansas City got some base runners on, with the bases loaded, but could not do anything with it after Ríos grounded out. The Mets had a huge half inning putting four runs on the board. Juan Uribe hit a RBI single scoring Juan Lagares, Wright then single scored Uribe and Wilmer Flores. Yoenis Céspedes hit a sacrifice fly scoring Granderson.

9-3 New York

Inning 7

Kansas City still could not score another run as they got sent down one, two and threes. The Royals kept the lead in check with not allowing a run in this inning.

9-3 New York

Inning 8

Both teams could not get a hit as the Royals and Mets went down in order.

9-3 New York

Inning 9

Kansas City had to earn six runs to tie the game, but instead the Mets got a one, two and three innings.

Final 9-3 New York Mets