Northland Outdoor Adventures Offers Kayaking

James Palmer, Writer

Northland Outdoor Adventures is a new and prospering kayak rental business owned by Troy and Angela Prosser. It is located in Smithville, MO.

Guiding float trips on the Little Platte River and Smithville lake, Troy enjoys offering family fun adventures.

“I wanted to show people kayaking in a different way. Kayaking is often seen as a dangerous sport and I wanted to show people that it can be relaxing and fun also,” Troy said.

Although this business is only a year old, the owners are overwhelmed by the popularity of it.

“I am surprised by social media and the role it has played in spreading word of our business and I am glad that we have gotten to share with the community,” Troy said.

While Troy runs the formality of the business and guides the trips, Angela deals with the customers in the shop.

“We’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback and it really motivates us and makes us grateful for our customers especially in such a tight-knit community,” Angela said.

Assistant Principal and Activities director, David Garrison believes that kayaking is a fun and great way to become fit.

“Kayaking would be a great workout. A key to staying physically active is to find an activity you are interested in,” Garrison said.